Managing Stress During the Holiday Season

Chrissy Frey, our Physical Therapist at Superior Spine care delivers tips for managing holiday stress in this YouTube video, Stress and the Holiday Season.

Tip 1. Stick to your Healthy Exercise Routine

We all know it's easy to put that exercise routine off when you have meals to prepare for friends coming over, holiday shopping, Christmas parties, decorating and more. However, if you're already in a good exercise routine, you know how much work it took to make exercise part of your routine, so don't break that routine now. Exercise will help to reduce the stress of the holiday run-around. And even if you're not in an exercise routine yet but want to minimize stress and pain while cooking, cleaning and experiencing the extra strain of the holidays, try simple back bends or forward bends when standing on your feet cooking or cleaning can make a big difference.

Tip 2. Breathe (Yes. Breathe!)

When our to do list seems a mile long and we only have an hour to whip up an appetizer, wrap a present, get ready and arrive at a holiday gathering, the stress can pile thick. Take opportunities, like sitting at a red light, to breathe. Deep breathing exercises can calm your nervous system and relax your muscles to make the holiday hustle and bustle much less stressful. Take a deep breath in, expand your lungs and belly and slowly let the air out. If you can get a couple of deep breaths in at the next red light, you'll be amazed at how much more relaxed you can be and more prepared to enjoy the festivities with family and friends.

Tip 3. Helping Visitors with Mobility Issues

Chances are, if you're hosting, you're likely to be in a position to have visitors with mobility issues. This can frequently add to stress for you as you worry about accommodations and stress for them because they certainly don't want to feel like a burden. Reduce your stress and theirs by covering two major sources of mobility issues - stairs and seating.

Helping Visitors with Mobility Issues Navigate Stairs

Stairs always present a problem for individuals with mobility issues. When helping your guest up the stairs, make sure to position yourself behind them. When helping them come down the steps, position yourself directly in front of them. This way if they loose their balance, you're both in a better position to keep them safe.

Make Sitting Easier for Friends with Mobility Challenges

Getting in and out of chairs also presents problems for people with mobility issues.  If your couch is too low or the chair doesn't have arms, a guest with mobility issues can struggle to get in and out of their seat. Try to think ahead and secure a chair with arms for your visitors with mobility issues because they can use the arms to help push themselves out of the chair and to ease themselves in. If you don't have a chair with arms, put a folded blanket under the cushion to raise the seat up for them.

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