We Are BWC Certified Providers and Experts at Navigating the BWC System

You Focus on Recovery - We'll Handle the paperwork

Being injured at work can be a difficult and frustrating experience. Between the pain of the actual injury, the worry about providing for your family, and the never ending paperwork, it can be very stressful. When looking for treatment for a work injury, the first thing you need to look for is someone who is a Certified Provider in the Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation system. What exactly does that all mean?

The Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation was created to handle injures specific to work activities. The function of the BWC is to act as an intermediator between the injured worker and the employer. This helps protect your rights if you have been injured in the course of your employment. The challenging part is that this system is fairly complex, and most people have no experience dealing with it if they’ve never been through a work injury before. Thankfully, we have many years of experience navigating the BWC system to provide care for work injuries. Additionally, all of our practitioners are BWC Certified, which means we are on the list approved by the state to treat injured workers.

Chiropractic Care for Work Injury Provides Pain Relief 

Our initial focus following an injury is to provide pain relief with gentle treatments, to avoid aggravating the injury.  Massage therapy may be used to assist this with this process.  As the pain starts to subside, we progress our treatments to focus on restoring normal joint motion and function.  In addition to the Chiropractic and Massage treatments, Physical Therapy following a work injury is essential to help stabilize the injured areas and help prevent re-injury.  This part of the treatment will usually begin with gentle stretching.  A home stretching program will be put together for you and the therapist will instruct you on how to perform them correctly.  The final phase involves strengthening exercises which will be under the supervision of the physical therapist, and again a home program will be crafted to suit your specific injury. 

Custom Exercises, Stretches and Safely Back into Work

Our goals are to get you better as soon as possible, and to return you to work in a safe manner.  We will work with your employer to set reasonable restrictions as to what you can do while you are recovering from your injury.  We also work with other medical specialists who we can refer you to if the need arises.  If you’ve been injured at work and would like a consultation to see if we can help, call us today.

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