Chiropractic Care & Migraines, Tension and Frequent Headaches

Determine Headache Frequency

There are many types of headaches, but nearly all of them are related to the neck, or cervical spine. When the vertebrae, or bones in the neck are misaligned, or the muscles are irritated, it will often lead to headaches. Over the years we have treated many patients with headaches. The timing of these headaches can vary greatly. Some patients have frequent headaches, up to several times a week. Some patients get their headaches monthly. Still others will have headaches following certain activities. Often it is helpful to keep a log to notice patterns that could be helpful in identifying aggravating factors for your headaches.

Symptoms of Headaches Differ

Additionally, the symptoms of a headache can be different from person to person. Some headaches present as a pressure, either in the sinuses or the temples. Others note tightness or sharp pain that starts in the neck and travels up into the back of the head, or it may spread up to the forehead, even to the eyes. Migraines can start with an ‘aura’, or a visual disturbance which could include colors in a C shape or circles. Some migraines can come on without an aura, but both usually include sensitivity to light or sound.

Every headache is different, at Superior Spine Care our team works together to find the treatments that give you the best relief.  

Effective Headache Treatments

The good news is, no matter what type of headache you are suffering from, headaches generally respond well to chiropractic treatment. By gently realigning the vertebrae, or the bones in the neck, we can improve joint motion. If there is a significant amount of trigger points, or tender nodules in the neck muscles, our massage therapist can perform a deep tissue massage to address that component as well. Myofacial release, or craniosacral therapy are techniques that are often successful when the headaches have not responded to other treatments in the past. Once the pain has been managed, stretching and strengthening exercises are important to retrain the neck area and reduce frequencies of headaches, if not eliminate them for good. 

North Olmsted Chiropractor

Dr. Neil Wensink

"My first goal is to get the patient out of pain as soon as possible. Beyond that, we look at why the problem started in the first place. Once that's determined our team can make the recommendations for maintenance to keep our patients feeling good for the rest of their lives."
North Olmsted Physical Therapist

Christine Frey, MSPT

Physical Therapist
"Physical therapy can be lots of fun and it's never too late. So what I tell all of my patients is it doesn't matter where you start, it's just that you get started."
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Dianna Martin, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist
"What makes our office unique is our integrated approach between chiropractic care, physical therapy and massage therapy."