Athletic Injuries to Shoulder

Chiropractor for Rotator Cuff InjuriesStrictly speaking, there are only four muscles in the rotator cuff. But even a casual glance at an anatomy book will reveal that there are many more muscles that cross over, around, and through the joints of the shoulder. With the large range of motion of the shoulder, along with the many muscles that need to work together, the shoulder is an easy target for injury. Athletic injuries are by far the most common source of shoulder problems in the younger to middle aged populations. Due to disuse and changes from aging, the older population is susceptible to shoulder injury even while doing normal day to day activities.

Physical Therapy for Shoulder Recovery

Injuries to the shoulder can vary widely. Tears to the muscles in the shoulder can be complete or partial. More mild partial tears are usually treated with rehabilitation and re-strengthening once the muscle has had a chance to heal. Unfortunately, these can progress over time and can eventually lead to full thickness tears. Once there is a complete tear of a rotator cuff muscle, it must be surgically repaired. The good news is that rotator cuff surgeries are generally successful. As with any surgery, Physical Therapy is essential to regain range of motion and strength in the repaired shoulder. Other types of injury to the shoulder can include damage to the joint itself, tearing of the bursa, or the “cushion” of the shoulder joint, or tearing of the ligaments that hold the bones of the shoulder joint together.

Tendonitis: Shoulder Injury from Repetitive Motions, Over Lifting & Awkward Positions

But what about less obvious injuries to the shoulder? Injuries from over lifting or repetitive activities in awkward positions are also rather common. These injuries are commonly referred to as sprain/strain injuries, or tendonitis. They involve over stressing the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the shoulder. These injuries may only be painful with certain activities, or at the end of the day. Generally they respond well to ice and rest. When these ailments become more frequent or are not responding to rest, an evaluation by our Physical Therapist is a good place to start. Often we can identify where the pain is coming from, and give you the proper stretches and exercises to help you take care of your shoulder pain or rotator cuff injury.

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