Petrissage massage is a technique in Swedish massage that is similar to a kneading motion so when we discuss kneading massage as a technique used by our licensed massage therapist, it will also be referred to as petrissage when exploring Swedish massage phrases. The kneading is usually incorporated throughout any massage - Swedish Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, etc... The base of the hand and fingers are squeezed together to form a pinching and lifting motion, or a rolling of the tissue, that is frequently referred to as kneading.

Petrissage MassageKneading, or petrissage, is performed in different ways and described by the part of a hand used to accomplish the massage - thumb kneading and palm kneading, for example. The pressure used must vary according to the purpose of the massage and the bulk of the tissues under treatment. The rhythm and rate of the movement are equally important as the pressure is applied intermittently.

Petrissage is deeper than effleurage, or most longitudinal gliding massage, and works to milk toxins out of the muscles, increase circulation, pliability and flexibility to the muscles. This form of massage can be used anywhere on the body - the back, legs, arms or anywhere where you would want to lift the tissue and squeeze it to get toxins out and increase the circulation.

Benefits of Kneading Massage Technique

Kneading is used for relieving tightness in the muscles. Kneading is applied with pressure to reach deep and underlying tissues. Kneading increases temperature in the muscles, promoting relaxation. Relaxation allows tightness to be relieved and movement to be restored. Kneading has many benefits. The benefits of kneading include:

  • Decreased tension
  • Increased flexibility and range of movement
  • Decrease in muscle pain

Kneading is beneficial to decreasing tension, increasing flexibility and decreasing pain while an increase in blood circulation promotes healing and a faster recovery.