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Are you feeling pain from an injury, accident, repetitive motion or normal aging? Are you wondering if chiropractic care, physical therapy and rehabilitation or therapeutic massage can help you recover without surgery?  Call Superior Spine Care at 440-716-8400 or fill out this form and we'll get back to you within one business day to set up a thorough patient evaluation and first time exam or to schedule a free consultation,  a brief discussion with Dr. Neil to determine if our clinic and care is right for you. We look forward to hearing from you!

Your first visit to Superior Spine Care will typically be either a brief free chiropractic consultation or a 60 minute patient evaluation. See which one is right for you:

A Free Chiropractic Consultation:

Some patients are apprehensive about working with a new medical professional and we want everyone to feel comfortable, so the free chiropractic consultation is simply a way you can stop into our clinic for 10 minutes, check out the atmosphere and chat with Dr. Neil.  We hope this puts your mind at ease and you can move forward with a Patient Evaluation scheduled for another time.

Or A Patient Evaluation:

Your patient evaluation will take approximately 60 minutes. Patient evaluations are conducted by Dr. Neil and include a thorough exam, a schedule of treatment, x-rays when applicable and the determination of most effective treatment. Read About Our Integrated Approach

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Common Conditions Treated at Superior Spine Care

Our team at Superior Spine Care is uniquely positioned to cover care in three areas: chiropractic, physical therapy & rehab as well as massage. Within these specialties we are able to successfully treat a variety of conditions. Click on these links to learn more about each one and contact us to set-up a patient evaluation.

Neck PainBack PainDisc InjuriesAccidentsWorkplace InjuriesHeadachesShoulder/ Rotator CuffCarpal TunnelTMJKnee PainAnkle InjuriesHip Pain