How Often Should You See a Chiropractor? Part 3 – Peak Performance

Welcome to Part Three of a three part series where we finish helping you to determine how often you should see a chiropractor. Although you don't need to read Part One or Part Two do understand Part Three, you may find those posts relevant as they help explain the other two components of chiropractic maintenance care.

How Often Should I See a Chiropractor?

As we mentioned in Part One and Part Two, the most common question we hear at Superior Spine Care is "how often should I see a chiropractor?" Each patient follows recommendations at varying scales, heals at different rates and has unique demands on their bodies which all play a role in the frequency with which you would want to schedule your chiropractor visits. 

In order to answer this question thoroughly without putting you to sleep we have broken the topic into three parts:

Sports Chiropractor: Maintenance Care for Peak Perfomance

PERFORMANCE: From long distance running to horse riding, football to ballet, bowling to jujitsu, gymnastics to weight lifting, you name it, our patients are into it. These patients are a bit on the competitive side, to say the least. If you know one of these patients (or perhaps are one yourself) you know that even a seemingly tiny advantage can provide a powerful edge.

Top PERFORMERS Use Sports Chiropractors

Do you know what LeBron James, Tom Brady, and Phil Mickelson all have in common? They have all utilized chiropractic as part of their overall health programs to achieve their goals. They realize the competitive advantage of having their spines and bodies functioning at optimal levels. You may not be competing for a championship, but Chiropractic can help you perform at your best, even if you’re just trying to beat your own records.

Reduce Recovery & Enhance Performance with a Sports CHiropractor

When the joints of the body are aligned properly and are moving more efficiently, our patients report their bodies can produce just a bit more power, they can run just a bit faster, and they can go a little farther compared to prior to treatment. Our patients notice recovery is a little easier too, with less soreness after competition. With all of the hard work our athletes put into their health, including strict diets, supplementation, proper hydration, rest, and rigorous exercise routines, it makes sense to make sure that all that effort is being focused and applied to maximum effect.

We hope you have enjoyed our series on Maintenance Care, and whichever of these three categories you may fit into, we look forward to helping you with your health goals soon!

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