What’s the Best Treatment for Whiplash; Chiropractor or Physical Therapy?

You’ve been rear-ended by another vehicle. Perhaps you had immediate pain, or the pain in your neck started gradually and has been getting worse. You may have tried ice, ibuprofen, or a stronger medication from the Emergency Room, Urgent Care, or your family doctor. But the neck pain is persisting. Some friends have suggested seeing a Chiropractor for the whiplash, but others say getting Physical Therapy for whiplash is a better idea. How do you know which treatment is best?

Best Whiplash Treatment: Chiropractic & Physical Therapy

The short answer is: “Both.” While some patients do well with one treatment or the other, our clinical experience (along with the research) shows that a combination of the two treatments are often necessary for maximum recovery from a whiplash injury. Utilizing Chiropractic we can gently realign the bones in the neck, improving joint motion and reducing pain. Once the pain is calmed down, physical therapy is important to retrain and strengthen the area to help keep the neck feeling and functioning better. Deep tissue massage therapy is also frequently utilized to work out the tender muscle knots that often develop following a whiplash injury.

Best Clinic to Treat Whiplash

Our clinic is uniquely equipped to handle whiplash injuries, as we offer all three therapies in one location. In addition to providing comprehensive care, we take time to fully evaluate your injuries and properly document them. We can order any additional special tests which may be indicated based on your examination, and if necessary, we can refer you to other specialists with which we work closely. If you require representation, we are willing to work with your attorney, or give you a referral to one of the attorneys we work with if needed.

If you’ve recently suffered from a whiplash injury and are looking for relief, call our office for a free consultation today to see if we can help you with your recovery.