Paul from Rocky River, Ohio Likes the No Pressure Approach

Rocky River Patient Review of Chiropractor

"What I like about Dr. Neil is that he just gives you what you want and what you need. He doesn't put any pressure on you to go (beyond what you expected). He just works with you to find what's best for you and your care and treatment."

Click below to start the video with an honest review of Dr. Neil's care from Paul, a patient from Rocky River, OH.

This isn't the only review that mentions "no pressure." We actually hear that a lot and it shows up in unsolicitied reviews of our chiropractic practice - enough so that we think it speaks to experiences patients have with other chiropractors, where the patient wants one form of treatment - something they're familiar with or something they already have a level of comfort with, but they feel pressured to get something else, or something more. For example, the patient may want a simple adjustment (diversified technique adjustments) but feel pressured by the Chiropractor to go through  traction or spinal decompression therapy or another treatment the patient isn't comfortable with.  This can happen all too often in the field of chiropractic care.

Dr. Neil and the team at Superior Spine Care believe in listening to the patient, giving them the chiropractic care they have requested, and avoiding the pressure of other chiropractic options the patient doesn't want or expect. We perform a thorough examination and present each patient with all their options, as well as recommended chiropractic, massage or physical therapy care, and we let the patients choose which treatments they want to embrace or avoid based on what makes them most comfortable.  We do not pressure patients to undergo any treatments they aren't comfortable with.

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