N. Olmsted Chiropractor Review from Patient

N. Olmsted Review of Chiropractor, Massage Therapist & Physical Therapist

"Once I met Dr. Neil he took a look at my neck and recommended some physical therapy, along with the massage therapy and adjustments. And I've been thrilled with everyone I've worked with, Everybody is super friendly!"

Brandi, a patient from North Olmsted, gives a video review of our Chiropractic care, physical therapy and massage therapy after working with the whole team to reduce her neck pain. 

This patient review was chosen because our N. Olmsted patient in this video does a great job of describing the process at Superior Spine Care: she started with a thorough patient evaluation by our chiropractor, Dr. Neil, who found she would benefit from adjustments (know as Diversified Technique Adjustments), one of the most common techniques associated with chiropractic care, and that physical therapy and massage therapy would speed up her recovery, improve mobility and reduce pain associated with her initial condition.

At Superior Spine Care of North Olmsted our patients appreciate the convenience of having a chiropractor, licensed massage therapist and physical therapist all in one location.  They typically find it's a less expensive and more efficient method of receiving treatment from multiple health professionals to speed up their recovery and reduce pain from injury, sports or repetitive motion and other work-related musculoskeletal pain.


Our Integrated Approach to Spinal Care

At Superior Spine Care we advocate for an integrated approach to spinal care and recovery by having all three professionals here to help you with pain management, recovery, rehabilitation and performance. Whether you have been in an accident, suffer from a condition, are a high-performance athlete or a hard-worker, we use the skills of our team: chiropractor, massage therapist and physical therapist to get you back to peak performance without the pain.

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Dr. Neil Wensink

Chiropractic care for both acute and chronic conditions, getting his patients out of pain quickly and restoring long term function.

Chiropractic Care

Christine Frey, MS, PT

Physical therapy and rehabilitation with a specialty in Physical Wellness Performance and Injury Prevention.

Physical Therapy

Nicole Fisher, LMT

Specialties include targeted therapeutic massage with trigger point work, kneading, compression  and cross-fibre massage.

Massage Therapy

Reduce Pain, Improve Performance & Rehabilitate

Start today by scheduling a patient evaluation with our clinic's director and chiropractor, Dr. Neil Wensink, who will evaluate your pain, discomfort or injury and prescribe a comprehensive care approach including whichever chiropractic care, massage therapy or physical therapy for optimal treatment.